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Spirit of the Heart

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Call me! I will reveal relationship advice and the solutions that your soul craves to know, with amazing accuracy through a live psychic reading.

Do you have questions about your lover or a relationship? I will tell you how they feel about you, what their intentions are, and the potential outcome of your relationship.


Find your Answers!

Why you're in your current situation, where it's going, and  who are the players.

Real answers from a proven psychic.

Angela is a recognized psychic
with over 25 years of experience working in front of audiences, on radio talk shows, in private groups and one-on-one.

She's friendly and plain-speaking. Her  matter-of-fact approach
to psychic insight makes her readings useful, easy to understand,
and enlightening.

Readings take place instantly over the telephone.

My psychic readings provide you with love advice, information about money and your career, as well as what will happen on that next trip you take.

I can answer yes and no questions to find out if a man or woman really is or will be "in love" with you, and I can give you timelines for when something important is coming up.

I am also a tarot reader, a clairvoyant, intuitive, and an empath who has been doing in-person and online psychic tarot readings for most of my adult life.

When you're ready to begin your journey to get answers to all those things and people who concern you, then call me. I will reveal what YOUR angels and spirit guides want you to know to bring you peace, love, and contentment like you have never experienced before.

My clients tell me that my readings are life-changing.

If you would like to ...

  • Understand the real motivations and desires of another person in your life
  • Overcome your obstacles to love, relationships, your life's purpose, money, or career, or you just need to talk
  • Uncover the divine truth in any situation
  • Understand the timeline already in place for you and the one you love
  • Find out if your loved one will call today or come back into your life
  • Reveal what your lover really thinks of you and what their intentions are
  • Find out if "it's over" and you should move on

. . . then my reading will answer your questions! I can help you better understand your love relationships and the lessons you are meant to learn. I can show you the specific obstacles you will face and then I can guide you through them, telling you the potential outcome.

About Angela . . .
Born with empathic spiritual gifts, she will AMAZE you with her accuracy! She is not only able to give dates, descriptions and locations, but she can talk with YOUR very own Angels!! She can also answer "yes" and "no" questions. 

Angela is a professional Relationship Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Advisor, Online Psychic Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Healer, and Ordained Minister.  

She reveals Angelic messages for matters of the heart dealing with love advice, relationship advice, dating advice, helping you to find your soul mate as well as job, career and money concerns.

East Texas Psychic

Live Psychic Readings by Phone

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I'm Angela,
"Spirit of the Heart"

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I'll provide direct, truthful answers and will give you psychic advice for all your dating, relationship, and life questions. Yes/No answers and timelines gladly provided!

My clients say that my psychic advice is life-changing! My accuracy will amaze you! Call now!


"Angela is a true angel and I'm sure she'll be a blessing to all who cross her path. A true guide in matters of the heart and uniquely gifted to bring peace to your heart and soul. Thanks my friend for allowing yourself to be a true instrument of love and hope." Blessing, Hoppe

"Sometimes you just know you have to speak with someone and when you do you feel totally blessed. This woman is a gift to us all and I highly encourage anyone who is looking for guidance to call her. She is works with a high level of integrity and her guidance is clear and vibrationally attuned. Thank you and Bless You." Iriana21  

"This lady is kind, respectful and right on the nose with heartfelt information. She consults with her Angels and tells you what they say...not her own thoughts. Thank-you for your wonderful talent and sharing it with others." Tootles46

"Angela is truly a gifted psychic, incredible, precise and accurate, gave me details and dates, she is a true angel." Mystical Lady Jordan

"Don't miss her! Spirit really speaks thru her with love advice and with guidance through her relationship advice! I wouldn't have met my soul mate if it wasn't for her. Thank you, Angela!" Angel Therapy

"Angela is just amazing. She is bang on with her predictions and her love charts are so accurate that it is scary. Thank you Angela." Peepoe

"Wow, lots of details & timelines. Will have to wait to see if it all plays out; however, Angela definitely picked up on the nature of someone I know. I also appreciated her advice...for I know it was given to shield me from hurt." Lindao

"Really professional and encouraging. Thank you for your advice." Mrbuddy

"Call Angela today. She's never wrong with her predictions. You'll see, and then you'll know. Joyce

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 Free Psychic Reading

  • Troubled by partnership issues?
    Let me give you relationship advice through my psychic connections with Angels and your Spirit Guides. This intuitive information is accurate and will amaze you. Stop worrying! Get answers now!

  • Wondering when you'll meet your soul mate?
    Let me give you timelines for when you will most likely meet "the one."
    Wondering when she or he will call you again?
    My expert dating and love advice through Tarot card readings will be given when you and I look at what's happening in their life right now.

  • Do you think your partner has a lover on the side and is cheating on you?
    I can give you yes and no answers to this question and many more.

  • Do you have questions about your job, career or money issues?
    As a clairvoyant and empath, my psychic tarot reading will intuitively let me see, hear, and know the answers to your deepest questions about your job, career and money issues.

  • Want to know what lies ahead for you this year?


Once you and I begin working together to reveal all that your Angels and spirit guides want to share about the love and joy that's possible in your path of destiny, your 6-12 month forecast becomes very clear and obtainable if you choose to listen to your heart.

I can answer "yes" and "no" questions, give you timeframes, tell you where his or her heart is really at regarding your relationship. If you want to know if he or she is your soul mate, just ask me. Your Angels will channel the love advice they want YOU to know!

I can tell you the outcome of any situation, whether it's love, career, prosperity, warnings to watch for, or moving to a new location.

I believe that your Soul craves to know the truth about any situation that is troubling you, and will prompt you until you get the advice you need to resolve that issue.

If you want to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation or person you're involved with, I can help you peel away the mask so you can understand the deeper realities so you can make some life-changing decisions.

I came into this lifetime as a spiritual empath with clairvoyant abilities. I do not give you superficial answers telling you what you want to hear. Instead, I SHOW YOU THE TRUTH, as it exists NOW in this very moment in time, and I take my work very seriously.

My clients tell me that my readings are life changing and powerful. I do not take my gifts or my channeled messages lightly and want to work with those who seek divine answers. I look forward to working with you.

My answers will AMAZE you!

No question or situation is out of my realm to answer because I choose to use my gifts with absolute love from above. Would you like me to help you today? My readings are detailed, shockingly truthful, and direct. Call me now! I'm here for you.

Bringing you the spirit of love and peace.

Love and Blessings,
~Angela - Spirit of the Heart

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* * *

Experience the Amazing Accuracy
and intuitive gifts that Angela
was born to share with you!


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